Cesarean Scar Massage

If you have recently had a cesarean, whether that be planned or emergency, the scar can be painful, cause poor muscle structure in the abdominal wall and cause prevention of healthy movement of the organs within the pelvic area. 


Massage can really help the healing process and help to reduce prominent scaring by stimulating the inner healing by promoting blood flow.

Having a cesarean is a big deal, you need to allow your body time to heal and relax. Unfortunately scars do feel uncomfortable and  should start feeling much better after around 6 months, in some cases longer if there has been nerve damage - this uncomfortable feeling is helped hugely by receiving a massage treatment. Unfortunately you can never fully get rid of a scar, however, with our specially selected massage oils and as a master herbalist we can pick specific essential oils to help manage the healing process.


Part of this massage may include the use of warm bamboo- discussed during the consultation stage- In relation to post pregnancy and cesarean, Bamboo massage can accelerate rehabilitation, the release of endorphins provides the body with a natural pain killing boost, the bamboo stimulates cellular activity to repair and intensely nourish the skin- something many woman find is affected during pregnancy. Interestingly, bamboo was considered a powerful healing tool in ancient China, Japan and Indonesia.  Bamboo still symbolizes life, energy, prosperity, longevity and fertility in these cultures.

Our Cesarean massage produces a deep sense of relaxation, serenity and inner wellbeing promoting circulation, sensory nerve perception, and lymphatic drainage. In addition, using the bamboo sticks helps to:

  • reduce stress

  • Can improve sleep quality and help insomnia,

  • Reactivates and stimulates blood circulation

  • Relieves migraines

  • Helps manage respiratory ailments

  • Improves nervous system functions

  • Increases joint and muscle flexibility

  • Breaks down and softens adhesions

  • Assists to remove lactic acid to reduce pain

  • Improve the healing process after a c-section

We will discuss after treatment options in which you can also help the healing of your scar at home.

This treatment is suitable 6 weeks postpartum, after your c-section with a written concent of approval from your GP.

Cesarean Massage Price:

1 Hour £60

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