Early Pregnancy, Gender, 3D and 4D Scans

At BeauProBaby we understand that having a baby is such a wonderful experience whether it be your first, second, third or fourth child. We feel excited to be a part of this magical journey and want to make it as special as possible.


All of our sonographers are fully trained to a high standard and experienced with a kind and warming way. The clinic itself is situated in a very private parade where all scans are completely confidential and take place within a private treatment room to respect yours and your guest’s privacy.

To check your due date or how many weeks pregnant you currently are, please check out our Pregnancy Calculator HERE

We have put together the below packages we feel will suit all….

The First Hello,

Early Pregnancy


From 7 to 14+6 Weeks

2D scan where we will be able to confirm viability of pregnancy

Determine single or multiple pregnancy

  Visually show the presence of a heartbeat

Estimate due date using CRL measurement

Picture included

*please note this is an abdominal scan*

**please ensure you have a full bladder**




From 15 to 39+6 weeks

Well-being scan in 2D
See and hear heartbeat
Optional gender confirmation
Pictures Included
All digital images


Pink or Blue Gender Reveal

From 15 to 22 Weeks

Well-being scan

See and hear heartbeat
99.9% accurate gender confirmation
Pictures Included

All digital images + FREE 4D peek (depending on position of baby)

*Gender reveal upgrade options*

**please ensure you have a full bladder**


4D & HD Live

From 24 to 34 Weeks

Well-being scan,
See and hear heartbeat
4D and HD Live baby scan
Optional gender confirmation
Pictures Included

All digital images


*Options to upgrade this scan at an extra cost on the day if you wish:

CD of images & Video Clips

USB of images & Video Clips

HeartBeat Bear




The Full Pregnancy to Baby Package

Contact us to arrange

2 x Well-being scans with 4D included,
Pregnancy Massage,
1 x Baby yoga/ massage/ reflexology session 1-1
1 x New Parent Treatment


Growth Scan

From 24 to 39+6 weeks

Well-being scan,
Growth measurements  

Estimated weight of baby

Position of baby and placenta

See and hear heartbeat
Optional gender confirmation
Pictures Included
All digital images



From 12 to 39+6 Weeks


TUESDAYS ONLY 9:30am-12:30pm

a shorter scan in 2D from 12 weeks to check in on baby. Includes 1 printed image and all digital images.

*this does not include gender or 3D/4D

**available after 12week NHS scan


In addition to the above packages you can also add a CD or USB with images and video clips, keyrings, magnets or purchase a heart beat bear at an additional cost.

We can also provide you with an exciting gender reveal package whether that be:

A balloon with pink or blue confetti,

A pink or blue confetti cannon,

Exploding golf balls

A secret pink or blue heartbeat bear

or we could simply just write the sex of your baby and place it in an envelope for you to open on your own- for those of you that don’t want to know the sex that is also fine and we’ll only tell you if you ask.

We want to make this experience as special as possible for you so any other requests please don’t feel scared to ask and we will see what we can do.

Please note maternity notes and files must be provided at all scans.

If you are attending an early pregnancy or gender scan, please ensure you have a full bladder.

We have wheelchair access to the main reception and treatment room.

Should you require chaperone service, sign or language translations please let us know prior to your booking so we can ensure to have this in place.

To book a scan please either book online or call us at: 01903 366466 

Proudly awarded

Pregnancy Care Centre of the Year 2020

 3 st Johns Parade, Alinora Crescent, Goring By Sea, West Sussex, BN12 4HJ   

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