Sensory Baby Reflexology

BeauProBaby offers professional and experienced group or individual classes for Baby Reflexology. Our baby reflexology classes uniquely take place under sensory mood lighting which has been proven to help relax the body. Each individual colour had a completely different benefit to the body and our subconscious mind.


Reflexology is a safe, painless and enjoyable therapy which works by gently massaging and stimulating specific points on the feet called reflex points.

These points relate to different parts of the body, by stimulating and massaging these certain points, we can aid general health and wellbeing.



Baby Reflexology has many benefits, it is a great way to encourage a wonderful bond between parent and baby, aswell as promoting wellbeing. Research has shown that a baby who receives touch treatment feels loved, secure and will also be less likely to fall ill or cry. Reflexology will help to relieve many common issues such as colic and wind, constipation, teething troubles, help with sleep to name a few. It is a great treatment to introduce to babies. By practicing reflexology, this will also improve muscle tone and even make joint more flexible.

Each weekly session covers a different routine relating to all the common issues, as well as time for discussing relevant parenting topics. This discussion time is for mothers and fathers to share ideas and experiences (if they choose to) and ask questions to the group and teacher.


BeauProBaby’s Reflexology sessions are led by fully qualified and experienced instructors where our sessions are always fun, relaxing and rewarding for both parent and baby. It’s a wonderful experience and builds a magical bond only a parent can explain.


 *Please note the teacher will never massage a baby, the only person to touch or massage in our classes is the parent or carer.


Baby Reflexology is suitable for all babies after they have had their 6 week injections to pre crawling. We will cover all safety aspects and ensure a steady pace consists throughout. We listen to the babies, they technically lead the session ie if they don’t like it or need a feed it is fine to stop.


We provide mats and oils however if you wish to bring your own that is perfectly fine. All we ask is that you bring a blanket or wrap for your baby and as we will be working on the floor (we cover the floor with blankets and mats) you may wish to bring your own cushion for comfort.

Sensory Baby Reflexology Prices:

4 Week Course £40


Drop in £11

*must call first to check for availability


One-to-one £35 per session


Baby Reflexology is suitable for twins, we also welcome grandparents and friends to join the session too

To enquire please CONTACT US

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